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kittensounds's Journal

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The DurAnorak
19 June
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  • duranorak
In which The DurAnorak, writer of reviews both glittering and scathing, lover of music both alternative and mainstream, enthusiast of bands both old and new, gives herself somewhere to write as much as she likes about music, and gives you wonderful people something else to read. The main journal is at duranorak - only music here.

Goodness knows I'll have enough to write here anyway, because I am never without some form of musical something to squeak or rage about, but if there's anything you'd like to see me write about, do drop me a comment or an e-mail or something. I'll review anything you like, hunt down anything you want if I can, answer any questions you have, whatever.

I don't know as much music as Pandora, but I do operate free outside the US. :)

Incidentally, and for the purposes, mostly, of showing off like nobody's business, I keep a (still not quite complete) list of my music collection here if you're curious.
21st century music, 80s music, air, albums, altered images, apoptygma berzerk, arcadia, auf der maur, ayria, b-52s, babylon zoo, bis, blancmange, bowie, boy kill boy, britney spears, britpop, cd:uk, chart music, clubs, collide, combichrist, compilations, cooper temple clause, cybergoth, darren hayes, duran duran, ebm, ed alleyne-johnson, eighties matchbox b-line disaster, elbow, electroclash, electronica, emperor, erasure, franz ferdinand, freezepop, gary numan, gavin friday, girls aloud, glam rock, goldfrapp, goteki, goth, gwen stefani, haven, helium vola, highland, holly valance, human league, indie, jane's addiction, japan, jc chasez, jentina, john foxx, kaiser chiefs, kajagoogoo, kate bush, kelis, leaether strip, loreena mckennitt, lostprophets, madonna, manuskript, marilyn manson, marion, menswe@r, mick harvey, muse, music, music journalism, music television, my chemical romance, my life story, nancy boy, new romantic, new wave, nin, nu-metal, omd, opera, orgy, ozric tentacles, panic! at the disco, patrick wolf, plastic fantastic, pop music, popworld, protocol, pulp, records, red lipstique, reviews, roland s howard, roxy music, rufus wainwright, scissor sisters, singles, siouxsie, soft cell, sparks, spray, sugababes, swans, swarf, synthpop, temposhark, the associates, the bravery, the deftones, the delays, the devils, the faders, the killers, the kills, the modern, the police, the regents, thomas dolby, thompson twins, tiga, top of the pops, tori amos, type o negative, ultraviolence, ultravox, ultravox!, v.a.s.t., vinyl, visage, white rose movement, writing about music, zoot woman

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